How to Watch Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 on Hulu in Australia

Last updated: July 30, 2022


Hulu doesn’t work in Australia because of the country’s geographical restrictions. But if you follow the steps below, you can get back into Hulu in 5 minutes. Having read this article, you should be aware of how to watch Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 on Hulu in Australia.

The only solution is to use a VPN which can help you mask your IP address and bypass geo-restrictions imposed by the streaming platforms like Hulu in Australia.

Here’s how to do it!

Easy Unblocking Steps: Watch Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 on Hulu in Australia

Follow these easy steps to watch Cinderella and the four Knights Season 1 on Hulu in Australia:

  • Subscribe to a trustworthy VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN).
  • Download the app, and open it.
  • Launch the VPN program, and connect to a server in the United States.
  • Open Hulu, subscribe for AUD 9.44, and watch your favorite shows and movies.

What are the Storyline of Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1?

High school senior Eun Ha-won aspires to become a teacher but faces financial difficulties. When she finally meets the Kang Group chairman, he offers her a place to stay at his mansion on the condition that she reunites his three grandchildren. However, there are a few stipulations, such as that she did not date any grandsons.

She encounters the gentle but solitary rebel Kang Ji-Woon, Ha-won meets the soft and kind Kang Seo-woo, a top singer-songwriter, Kang Hyun-min, a playboy corporatist who does what he wants, and lastly, Lee Yoon-sung, the chairman’s assistant and their bodyguard, all at the Sky House.

What is the Release date of Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 on Hulu?

On 1 August 2022, Hulu will debut the animated film Cinderella and the Four Knights with English subtitles. Officially premiering on tvN on 12 August 2016, the series ran for ten weeks, ending on 1 October 2016.

tvN premiered this drama as its first original drama series on Fridays and Saturdays at 23:00 KST.

Is Cinderella and the Four Knights a romance?

Yes, the Korean drama Cinderella and the Four Knights is a love story. The protagonist of this Korean romance drama, Eun Ha-won, is a poor young woman who lives with her stepmother and stepsister in a simple house.

Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 Trailer

Kwon Hyuk-Chan and Lee Min-woo are the creators of the South Korean television series Cinderella and the Four Knights. After impressing a wealthy man, Ha-won moves in with his three spoiled grandsons to train them up.

See the trailer for this upcoming Korean drama below:

The Cast – Who is in the Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1?

Park So-dam portrayed Cinderella or Eun Ha-won in the television show. The four knights are Lee Jung-shin playing Kang Seo-woo, Jung II-woo playing Kang Ji-Woon, Ahn Jae-Hyun playing Kang Hyun-min, and Choi Min as Lee Yoon-sung.

Son Na-Eun plays the role of Park Hye-Ji. Kim Yong-gun plays the role of Chairperson Kang. Kim Hye-Ri plays the role of Ji Hwa-Ja. Na In-Woo plays the role of Jun Su. Jung Young-Joo plays the role of Ms. Beolgyo, and Kim Kang-Hyeon plays the role of Seo-Woo’s manager.

What should I watch after Cinderella and four knights?

You’ve undoubtedly watched dozens, if not hundreds, of Korean dramas and are on the lookout for some fresh material. We’ve got you covered, though; here’s a rundown of the top Korean dramas you should be watching now.

A few recommended Korean dramas include My Secret Romance, High Society, Secret Love Affair, Marriage Contract, Moon Embracing the Sun, and The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Who is Ha-won biological father?

Kang Young Jin has asserted that he is, in fact, Ha Won’s biological father. Her mom and dad brought up Ha Won. Ha Won’s mom tragically died in a fire while trying to save Ji-Woon’s mom.

Her father remarried, making the new woman her stepmother; nevertheless, she and her stepsister are not on good terms.

Who does the girl end up with in Cinderella and Four Knights?

Ha Won decides to stay and nurture Ji Woon despite his illness, which causes him much sadness. Tragically, Ha Won’s father falls into an accident after dozing off behind the wheel of his truck, creating an unexpected and pressing financial necessity. Her stepmother and stepsister beg Ha Won to find the $6,000 to pay off the other driver.

How many episodes are in Season 1 of Cinderella And The Four Knights?

There are a total of 16 Episodes. It will be available to stream on Hulu in August of this year. On 12 August 2016, the first episode of Cinderella and Four Knights Season 1 was broadcast to television audiences.

How many seasons will there be of Cinderella And The Four Knights?

There is only Season 1 of Cinderella and the Four Knights. The first season premiered on 12 August 2016 and concluded on 1 October of the same year. The first season finished over four years ago. This is why the anticipation among the audience members keeps growing.

They were curious as to whether or not season 2 had premiered. If so, when will it be available, and if not, why not?

Why to Choose ExpressVPN to Watch Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 on Hulu in Australia?

ExpressVPN is , there are many VPN services to choose from, though not all of these are created equal. It is possible to unblock Hulu in Australia with ExpressVPN because only the very best VPN will allow you to do so with ease.

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Following are a few important frequently asked questions regarding streaming Hulu in Australia so you can keep enjoying all your favorite shows just like Cinderella And The Four Knights without any buffering.

⭐Who are the 4 Knights in Cinderella and Four Knights?

Kang Hyun Min plays the four knights of Cinderella and the Four Knights, Kang Ji Woon, Kang Seo-Woo, and Assistant Lee, as Lee Yoon Sung.

⭐Who ends up with Eun Ha won?

Ji Woon and Ha Won’s fated union became apparent in the end. They thus reconnected. Finally, a happy couple without any secrets to sabotage them could be seen. Ji Woon was the one who made everything happen, even though Ha Won was the show’s center.

⭐Does Cinderella and the four knights have a Season 2?

There has been no confirmation of a Season 2 premiere date. Despite the lack of a teaser for season 2 of Cinderella with Four Knights, episodes from the first season are available on Netflix and VikiTv.


Unfortunately, due to geographical restrictions, Australians cannot use the video streaming service Hulu. Due to licensing restrictions, Hulu may only be accessible within the United States.

We hope that at the end of this blog post, you will clearly understand how to watch Cinderella And The Four Knights Season 1 on Hulu in Australia. Your problems should be resolved, and you should be able to enjoy all of Hulu’s offerings using ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is recommended because of its extensive network of over twenty-three servers in the United States, lightning-fast connection speeds, and impressive ability to bypass geographical restrictions.

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