How to Watch Prey on Hulu in Australia

Last updated: August 2, 2022


Prey, a sequel to the predator franchise and also a prequel, is set to release on Hulu. Unfortunately, Hulu is only available in the USA. Therefore, no wonder fans want to know how to watch Prey on Hulu in Australia.

Prey is an upcoming hit title that takes the audience back to 1719 to meet the highly skilled Comanche warrior Naru (played by Amber Midthunder). All the US audience is anxiously waiting for the release in August.

Since Hulu is not licensed to operate in countries other than the United States and Japan, a VPN is necessary to watch this movie on Hulu in Australia.

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Easy Unblocking Steps: Watch Prey on Hulu in Australia

Let us show you how you can unblock Hulu to watch Prey on Hulu in Australia in 4 easy steps:

  • Install a VPN. Because of its powerful unblocking capabilities and quick speeds, I suggest ExpressVPN.
  • Enter your login information.
  • Connect to a US-based server.
  • Set up a new Hulu account or sign in to an existing one.
  • Watch Prey on Hulu in Australia.
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What is the plot of Prey?

Naru, a strong and extremely talented warrior, is the protagonist of Prey. Her family has a rich hunting heritage, and she feels compelled to defend her people when danger threatens their camp.

She was raised by some of the Great Plains’ most iconic hunters. It’s an alien predator with technologically superior weaponry that she hunts down and faces off against, which leads to a fierce and scary encounter.

Is Prey getting a theatrical release?

No. On August 5, 2022, 20th Century Studios will release Prey as a Hulu original film skipping theatrical release.

Given the positive response it garnered following its world premiere at the San Diego Comic-Con, it’s strange that a film that appears tailor-made for a communal viewing experience will forego it entirely.

Is Prey going to be on Hulu?

Yes, Prey will be available on Hulu beginning August 5, 2022. All other films in the predator franchise are presently available to Hulu subscribers. Predator (1987), Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010), and The Predators (2018) are on the list.

Who is in the Prey 2022 movie Cast?

Following is the top cast of Prey (2022):

  • Amber Midthunder as Naru
  • Dane DiLiegro as The Predator
  • Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat as Itsee
  • Dakota Beavers as Taabe
  • Geronimo Vela as Comanche warrior
  • Stefany Mathias as Sumu
  • Mike Paterson as Big Beard
  • Julian Black Antelope as Chief Kehetu
  • Nelson Leis as Waxed Mustache
  • Troy Mundle as Spyglass

The movie is directed by Dan Trachtenberg, and the screenplay is written by Patrick Aison.

Prey 2022 Movie Trailer

The trailer soon went viral on YouTube. The clip has now received over 16 million views across numerous accounts. The trailer for Prey was published on June 5, 2022. Watch below:

Where was Prey 2022 filmed?

Prey was filmed across Calgary, situated in the province of Alberta, Canada. Alberta, located in western Canada, is bounded to the west by the Canadian Rocky Mountains and to the east by extensive plains and badlands.

Alberta contains 27,525 square kilometers (10,627 square miles) of protected territory, with five national parks covering an additional 63,000 square kilometers (24,000 square miles), three of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thus, proving to be an ideal location for the film shooting.

Are they making a Predator 5?

Yes, the official title of the Predator franchise sequel five has been declared as “Prey” by Hulu and 20th Century Studios, with a summer 2022 premiere date. On August 5, 2022, it is scheduled to be released.

Is Prey a prequel to Predator?

Yes, apart from being a sequel to the Predator film series, the film effectively serves as a prequel to the other films, following the first occurrence of the Predator appearing on Earth in the year 1719 and terrorizing a Native American tribe.

Is Prey based on Predator?

Yes, Prey, the fifth sequel in the film series, is a much-anticipated chapter in the “Predator” franchise, and rightfully so. The plot revolves around Naru (Amber Midthunder), a ferocious warrior on the hunt for prey that turns out to be an unusually advanced alien predator.

The Predator franchise is a science fiction action film franchise that largely builds stories around the alien Predators. Unlike other film franchises with a continuous story arc, the Predator films are more non-linear, focused on discrete encounters with the Predators spread over several timelines.

What is the runtime of the movie Prey?

With a cumulative run time of ninety-nine minutes, this movie is worth the wait, according to a movie critic who has watched the premiere at San Diego Comic-Con. In her view, the cinematography is excellent, and the music has your hearts pumping. The amount of action in the movie is just perfect.

Although the cast was completely new at acting, they performed admirably, and Amber Midthunder was an excellent choice for the lead.

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⭐Where to Stream Prey?

To watch Prey in the US, sign up for Hulu. Remember, Hulu is geo-restricted outside the USA. Therefore, you will need ExpressVPN to watch it in Australia.

⭐Is Prey on Hulu a movie or series?

Prey 2022 is a movie that is the sequel to 4 previous predator franchise movies released between 1987-2018.

⭐Is Prey rated R?

The MPAA has rated Prey 2022 R for “intense bloody violence” and nothing else.


If you live in Australia, you will require a VPN to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. Our best recommendation is to use ExpressVPN. Hulu will be inaccessible if you do not use a VPN.

To watch Prey on Hulu in Australia, all you need to do is sign up for ExpressVPN.

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