How to Watch This Fool Series on Hulu in Australia

Last updated: August 5, 2022


Fans are excited to watch the upcoming series The Fool on Hulu. Unfortunately, this Fool adds to the list of many more TV series unavailable outside the USA due to geo-restrictions policies. But don’t worry; we will explain everything you need to know about how to watch This Fool Series on Hulu in Australia by using a VPN.

Let’s get started to learn how to unblock Hulu in Australia without any further ado!

Easy Unblocking Steps: Watch This Fool Series on Hulu in Australia

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  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN or any other VPN that you trust.
  • Select a US server since Hulu is only available in the US.
  • Sign up and Log in to Hulu.
  • Watch This Fool Series on Hulu in Australia.
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What is the new comedy series This Fool on Hulu about?

This Fool is a unique show that has taken the exact opposite approach of what normal comedy shows take. The showrunners have cast unknown actors with so much talent waiting to be showcased to the world. The story revolves around a very simple man with a very simple mind with a very simple story.

The story is very new, and it’s fair to say that people love it. Some of the reviews said it was refreshing to see a comedic show doing something others don’t. It’s true as there is so much content to see on the internet, but very rarely do we see people willing to try something new and introduce the audience to a new style of comedy.

What is the Release date of This Fool TV series on Hulu?

The comedy show This Fool is set to release in early August. The exact date provided by Hulu was 12th August 2022. It is yet to see if there will be any delay, but with very little time left, it seems that things are going according to plan.

This Fool TV series Trailer:

This Fool’s trailer was released on July 19, 2022, and since then, it has been getting loads of views every day. Right now, the trailer is sitting at more than 3.5 Million views.

The Hulu YouTube channel has appreciated this massive increase in views. As you may have seen, they have ‘hearted’ many who left positive comments under the video.

Who is in the This Fool Season 1 Cast?

This Fool took the bold decision of not casting anyone very popular. They went with actors with a lot of talent, and it seems like it paid off.

Our main character is Julio, who will appear in all 10 episodes. Maggie will appear in 7 episodes. Rocio will be in 5 episodes. Ana and Michael will also have their fair share of screen time as they’ll be in 4 episodes.

Maria, Esperanza, and Kim will be in 2 episodes, while the rest of the characters will be seen here and there.

  • Chris Estrada as Julio
  • Michelle Ortiz as Maggie
  • Anna Lamadrid as Rocio
  • Sandra Marcela Hernandez as Ana
  • Cruz Legaspe Garcia as Michael
  • Frankie Quinones

What is the role of Comedian Chris Estrada in This Fool Hulu Series?

Chris Estrada will be taking on the role of the main character Julio. Chris Estrada will play a guy who stays at home and spends his time doing nothing useful. Julio works at a gang rehabilitation center where he helps ex-gang members try to become normal again.

Chris Estrada’s Julio brings his cousin in rehabilitation who had been in jail for quite some time. After serving his time, Julio intends to set his life straight, but obviously, not all things go to plan, right?

How many episodes are in Season 1 of the Comedy series This Fool?

The series This Fool is listed on Hulu as a 10-episode show. Many speculate that a season 2 is already planned or in the works. But now, there is no clear indication of what happens next.

As things are looking for This Fool (popularity-wise), we may potentially see a second season. But, this could be another one of those shows the production wants to leave as it is, leaving a good legacy behind.

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⭐Is This Fool series on Hulu Hilarious?

Yes, This Fool is a comedy show that will shine the light on serious topics that don’t get talked about much. Gang rivalry and everything in between will be presented in a comedic light,, so people don’t take offense and slowly understand what the show is trying to convey. Yes, the show has unknown actors with no established style of their own, but that’s exactly going to make it even more fun.

⭐What can we expect from Chris Estrada’s new comedy coming to Hulu?

You can expect some top-tier acting from Chris. As seen in the trailer, Chris Estrada has taken on the role of Julio perfectly. Don’t miss out on his performance and watch This Fool Series on Hulu in Australia.

⭐Is it legal to use VPN to watch the This Fool series in Australia?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use a VPN in Australia. Of course, certain things are illegal to do with or without a VPN, such as pirated movies, TV shows, etc.


That will be it for This Fool and how to watch This Fool Series on Hulu in Australia. Consider checking out ExpressVPN and experience why it’s at the world’s top. You’ll get a first-hand experience of it and a money-return guarantee if you remain unsatisfied with their service. Like what else can we ask, right?

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